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Latest GK & Current Affairs Quiz- March 11th 2018

Latest GK & Current Affairs Quiz- March 11th 2018

1). What is the theme of the biennial event on Civil Aviation and Aerospace ‘Wings India 2018’?
[A] India-Global Aviation
[B] Sab Uden, Sab Juden
[C] Bharat-Ek Chhat
[D] India-Wings of

answer: A

2). As part of the 10th edition of MILAN 2018, which 4rst-ever multination naval exercise at sea has started?
[A] COAST-18
[B] MILES-18
[D] SEA-18

answer: B

3). Which Indian shooter clinched gold in men’s 50m Ri;e 3-Position at 2018 ISSF Shooting World Cup in Mexico?
[A] Om Prakash Mitharval
[B] Shahzar Rizvi
[C] Akhil Sheoran
[D] Jitu Rai

answer: (C)

4). Which country’s hockey team has won the 27th edition of the Sultan Azlan Shah cup 2018?

[A] New Zealand
[B] Australia
[C] Argentina
[D] England

answer: B

5). The International Solar Alliance (ISA) has recently signed pact with which international organisation to promote solar energy deployment in Asia & Pacific?

[A] Asian Infrastructure
Investment Bank
[B] New Development Bank
[C] African Development
[D] Asian Development

answer: D

6). Which of the following countries have cochaired the 4rst founding conference of
the International Solar Alliance (ISA-2018)?

[A] India and Bangladesh
[B] India and Russia
[C] India and France
[D] India and Germany

Answer: C

7). Dr. Patangrao Kadam, who passed away, was associated with which political party?

[A] Indian National
[B] Bharatiya Janata Party
[C] Nationalist Congress
[D] Communist Party of
India (Marxist)

Answer: A

8). Who will be the new head of the Press Information Bureau (PIB)?

[A] Ira Josh
[B] Sitanshu Kar
[C] Frank Noronha
[D] T S Baku

Answer: B

9). Which cricket team has won the 45th edition of the Deodhar Trophy 2018?

[A] Karnataka
[B] Gujarat
[C] India B
[D] Tamil Nadu

Answer: C

10). Which state government has launched India’s 4rst state-led incubator for women entrepreneurs “WE-Hub”?

[A] Andhra Pradesh
[B] Telangana
[C] Kerala
[D] Odisha

Answer: B

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